Friday, 14 November 2008

Comme de Garcon - Polka What??

(OK, just advance warning that yesterday was quite a shopping day, so what is flying towards you now is part 1 of a 3 part mega posting session!)
Hey y'all,

Well, on the Comme de Garcon front I write to you a disapointed lady; everyone was right when they posted yesterday that all the stuff I wanted had gone. And (not that i'm sad or bitter!) but what was left really wasn't worth leaving the house for. This is the sight that greeted me when i arrived:

No crowds, no high fashion; nada! And although I was reserving judgement on the discussion that has been raging in the blogosphere of late, i'm prepared to say now that to my mind you really didn't get a lot for your money! However, for anyone desperate to get their hands on anything, the topshop Oxford circus store is having another big delivery today apparently. For now, this is as close as I got to the good stuff:

The window display! In the store there were only 3 things left in my size. In fact, there was only about 6 different items left altogether. But here they are:

1) Painful dress

How it should've looked:

How it looked on me:
Ouch ouch ouch!!! My poor boobs shouldn't look this flat and squished - damn you curves!! Actually this dress looked nicer on than on the hanger (if you ignore the flattening effect) and I really liked the cut out waist detail. I can see this looking really lovely on someone who isn't me!

2+3) Polka dot madness!

At £29.99 I scoffed at the cotton polka dot shirt - H&M quality for double the price? Why, I asked myself! I did however like the £14.99 pajama pants: i've never been able to resist decent pajamas! But what worried me most is that teaming them with the shirt looked way too much like a house suit set. What does that say about the shirts I wonder!?
Oh yeah, and even though it was a little baggy everywhere else, the central button gaped. Story of my life! (although nothing that couldnt be fixed with a needle and thread and a strategically placed popper!)

So there you have it! Painful dress and pajamas - not exactly what I was getting excited about really was it? Oh well, at least I had a worthwhile evening in the end, but more about that later.
I'm teasing you like the end of a dramatic episode of your favourite soap opera (please tell me you watch soap operas or i'm just not sure we can still be friends!)
To be continued.....
Tor x


Make Do Style said...

As you know I thought the material was poor and I didn't heart the polka dots despite loving them normally!

Ingrid said...

The button-gaping issue is endemic with all H&M clothes, though. I only just fill my B-cup bras, and still, that middle button gapes. My friend? Tried on a shirt in H&M, couldn't even close the top buttons. She's an A cup. It's just bad, bad cutting.

fashion herald said...

polka dots and pajamas, hahaha! no, i don't think it was worth the money, although the trench is pretty but not for almost 200usd.

Mark Taylor said...

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