Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Becky's Birthday - Come Prancing!

Dear blogosphere,

In two hours, I'll 25 years old. Hitting the quart! I'm not going to make your ears bleed with all that droney "Gah! I'm so old" nonsense. I'm young, dumb and full of 'Come Dancing' with all its associated frills.

Surrender to me the following birthday gifts:

Dior Fertility lady stilettos:

Keeping the feet sweet and the ovaries gooey.
Forgive me Imelda, I love them.

The River Island Nazi bag.
Fascistic *and* fierce!

My Judy Garland Life by Susie Boyt
It's no birthday without Judy and spiraling obsession.
It's no life without Judy and spiraling obsession.


A full pony.

I'm sitting by my letterbox in anticipation of your bounty.



KD said...

Happy birthday! I love that bag. My b-day was a few weeks ago, but I'm younger than you. Feeling old yet? ;-)

WendyB said...

Youth is wasted on the young!

Anonymous said...

I can't agree with you in regards to the shoes, but I do hope you get that bag. It is fierce.

I will be buying you the pony. I'm going to have it dyed powder blue to match your eyes.

And then I'm going to buy you powder blue eyes.