Wednesday, 24 September 2008

We Lives in His Lap

Hello blogosphere,

I'm sick sick sick of fashion week. It's been singularly unimpressive and chock full of bulging ribcages. Let's instead celebrate a certain level of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik-liciousness as personified by Andre 3000 (or Andre Benjamin, if you insist) and his new clothing line Benjamin Bixby.

Here be the man:

Obsessed with this tiger polo combo.

in. frickin'. overalls.

Legimitised in our bloggy eyes via The Sartorialist

Here be the product:

Quote from Andre's interview in The Guardian:

"I think a lot of African-American kids don't have fathers to teach them how to dress, so you end up being taught by pictures in magazine and movies. You see cowboys, Indians, old Hollywood films, Cary Grant. It has an effect on you."

Randolph Scott & Cary Grant. Yes, I know. I know.

Fred Astaire

No offence Big Boi, but you be looking like a chump next to your bandmate. Would a little tailoring kill you? A jaunty hat?

Friends, if you have a penis, consider my advice to Big Boi as applying to your very own self. Basically, if you're not dressed as a 1930s college football star, I just don't have time for you.

'cept this guy. This guy can be in my gang.
via Facehunter.

Suit up here and here. And report back here at 0900 for your next orders.

Sgt Wigmore

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Imelda Matt said...

"MY BABY BECKY'S COME HOME", yelled in my best camp Southern women accent. Blogsphere hasn't been the same with you....truer words have never left my mouth. xxx