Monday, 22 September 2008

Bloody Hell, I'm Late!

Hello blogosphere,

So much time flown. Still, I've spent a raging summer indoors and now have a Masters Degree and a distinction to show for it. Yay the Wigmore.

However, your congratulations are the chittering of pigeons and peasants to me. I have but one question to ask of you blogosphere:


I've left it little late what with them being on another continent, starting about now and me being in Norwich in a brown cardigan. Still, the helicopter is warming up, Rachel Zoe is making me a 'special' smoothie, I have access to and important decisions have to be made. Which? which which?

Supa-tough rotting goth Spectacularrrr

by Meadham Mirchoff?

Dark hands on Dynasty side-boob by Proenza Schouler?

My armpit bleeds for no-one but you
by Modernist?

I'm blocking James Spader's view of the stage
by Christian Siriano?

Lilac simplicity with giant lion head
by Josh Goot/ Nagi Noda (RIP)?

Fuck it. We all know I'm wearing the monkey dress.

Christopher Kane, you rock my world. This dress has been all over the blogosphere but I don't care. I'm just so glad we're all on the same page. Frankly, I'll be bitterly disappointed if I wake up tomorrow to find that the Emmy red carpet ISN'T crowded with perfect hair, shiny teeth and damn dirty apes.

I don't care if you're Creationist or Richard Dawkins - it's hot and it's right now.

Anyway, goodnight, it's good to be back and gooooooooo Mad Men! Yay 30 Rock! (and nominate Battlestar Galatica next year, wouldya?)



WendyB said...

That's the hottest monkey dress I've ever seen! Also the only one, but whatevs!

KD said...

You're alive! Hallelujah! The lilac one is the best.