Monday, 29 September 2008

Crunchy nuts!

Morning all,

I come to you all bearing the gift of an excuse to go out and buy couture:

New research undertaken this month suggests that the cram it all in, sell it all cheap policy of the British Highstreet we know and love may finally be on its way out. Sob! Sad times for primark addicts like me then. Y'oouch! I hope you all feel my pain.

Leisa Barnett, fashion editor of no less, said in the independent that: "The credit crunch means that people are moving away from the kind of frivolous excess that goes along with fast fashion and choosing their purchases more wisely"

Well now I can see why that makes sense. Unless of course, you're already flat broke. I explained the following logic to my dearest mum:

Me: These bloody pumps have had it, i'll have to pop to Primark to buy a new pair

Mum: Those primark shoes are no good you must buy a pair a month

Me: Yup sometimes more. But £5 every 3-4 weeks I can afford. £60 (the cheapest I could find a decent pair of black leather shoes when I hit the shops this weekend) all in one go, I can't.

Maybe things will change now i'm a real human with a real job. Maybe the idea of spending more than £15 on one item will stop filling me with dread and horror. But I put those £60 sensible shoes back on the shelf and used the same amount of money to buy all of this from Primark instead:

Disposable it may be. Longevity it may not have. And Ms Barnett of that bible Vogue will no doubt be appalled. But all these pretty things make me a lot happier than the sensible white shirt from Whistles these credit crunch-conscious shoppers are suggesting I spend my hard earned fashion pennies on. And I just can't waste my money on something so boring it makes me want to cry.

Cheap taffetta and fake chiffon it is then!

Who'da thought that loving clothes and buying lots of them would actually make me un-fashionable?!

Much love,


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