Thursday, 25 September 2008

London, Bowler Hats, and Ting!

Sorry for my long long absence fashion friends, but what with finishing the dissertation, moving to london and starting a new job (teamed with the distinct lack of internet in my new flat) it's all been going on. Yup, just like our super fellow bloggers 'I am Fashion', we are now a duel city, as well as a duel writer, blog. Admittedly, there is no real glamour or international air travel involved in the norwich/london commute, but I hear sometimes crazy things happen on trains. My sister and I once saw Liam Connor from Coronation Street on the train to Manchester: Mad!!

On the brightside, the Wigmore is much better at the fashion showy stuff than I am, what with her superior skill for fashion geeking-out, so you haven't missed anything from me anyway, aside from the slight omission of (predictably) my favourite designer. Betsey Johnson usual 'quirky' range was out in force and she went for an eighties-esque theme channelling pixies, pirates, and, erm, candyfloss coloured wigs. I LOVE it!. You knew that I would....

This is the dress I am giving serious consideration to getting married in. My boobs would look cer-azy. Teamed with the hat and victorian style pixie boots of course!

Anyway back to business. Much like La Wigmore (It's how they say it in France) I am sooo totally over fashion week(s). Are the models too skinny? Are we wearing big necklaces or skinny ones? Is anyone else feeling more than the teeniest amount of deja vu, teamed with a big dose of BLAH!?

Time to return to my real passion: hitting the highstreet hard and fast. (although of course its not the same without my curly haired friend) I haven't done as much shopping as I would've liked over the past weeks, but with payday fast approaching I can see a big spending spree coming my way this weekend. And as I just had my first peek at the new topshop lookbook (I know, this hit inboxes days ago, keep up tor!) i've got a few ideas for potential purchases in mind:

I need to be a peach bird of prey wearing a soft dress with a ruffle hem. I'll even give the ankle socks a go (although obviously, because i'm me, there would be tights underneath) Every piece of this outfit will be mine. I'm not brave enough to wear it altogether. But the jacket with jeans, the dress will a leather jacket (yes becky, and a belt) all pieces to wear.

If only I weren't trapped in an office wearing a sensible suit. Oh topshop, where art thou?!

Lots of love,



bronwyn said...

I'm with you on the fashion week blah...I'm still going to check out the collections and what's going on, but overall I haven't found as much as I have in previous seasons to get excited about.

KD said...

That dress is awesome. The Topshop one, that is.

Ivy Frozen said...

Betsey Johnson is my favorite designer too! <3 Love the skull and crossbone playsuit-thingy.

Susie Bubble said...

You do need to be that peachy/grey bird of prey!