Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Milan-o-rama: Tracksuit Strippers at Prada

Hello blogosphere,

The thing about Prada is I love Prada. Without fail it appeals to my artsy-fartsy sensibilities and love of fancy hats. I've been with Miuccia all the way: from robots to turbans to feathers to knee socks, Wigmore laps it up. All the while however, I've held the following to be true:

1) It usually takes me about three days to digest and fully 'get' a Prada collection. 2) The Spring/Summer Prada is always less awesome than Autumn/Winter Prada by a factor of least 2 and up to 11.

Even with these truths in mind, I gotta say that this is the most disappointed I've ever been with a Prada collection. Bit paratrooper-stripper for my taste. You know how in Arrested Development Gob had those pull-away 'Hot Cop' pants? Yeah. These gals could be naked n gyratin' in 0.5 seconds.

How can anyone imagine that this looks good? Bra-less pigeon ribcage and we're supposed to swoon? This ain't jolie-laide it's laide-laide-laide. If the model doesn't look good than what hope the rest of us? According to fashionologie, the models were teetering and wiping out on the shoes. Ordinarily, laughing at models tripping over is the finest sport in fashion, but the clothes make them look so weak, so fragile, I'm feeling nothing but nothing less than protective and no shiny golden dress finale in going to change that.

Yulia Kharlapanova on her way down.

Ordinarily I'd be all over this but I'm in fashion despondance.

What with this and Burberry being a super-snooze, I'm getting a little concerned about Milan.

Shoulda followed my advice and done wombats, Miuccia...though I'm still holding a glimmer for Miu Miu. Hopefully the marsupials will out.


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