Sunday, 28 September 2008

Emulation Nation

Hi blogosphere,

Oy, but the fashion world's topsy turvy this season, uh? Giles Deacon totally disappoints, Prada is an utter bust but the big ol' fashion houses I usually barely acknowledge are uncommonly ace. I'm talking about Dolce & Gabbana and - can't believe this - Versace! They were bustin' out the Julie Verhoevan Medusa prints and I found my stomach doing little flips of love.

"Dude, I would so hit/wear that," Click to make big and luxuriate in the splendour.

Ah, but if you've read the blog, you'll know I'm a sucker for illustration. The first shows in Paris were actually some pretty hot merde on the ol' artwork front. Quite apart from the awesome pleaty-insane courtier chic going on at Gareth Pugh

She's the queen and she wipes clean!

You see? Pugh can do black *and* white.
Versatility o'clock!
(legitimately obsessed with this look, however)

However, I'm particularly loving Belgium Kris Van Assche's Paris collection. The models almost looked like a physical threat. Even a little bit badass-y. Lots of sheer loose fabrics contrasted with sharp tailoring, navy, black and of course, the crucial chest/neck tattoo action.

Sure the last two shoe options suck but the patent boots could work...However, it's like Coco Chanel said: get dressed and before you go out, check the mirror and take one thing off. And then add a neck tattoo. Here are your options:

Julia Pott's Cat and dog temporary Tatt - $6 @ Etsy

Good ol' fashioned Elvish ($3.25) by ElectrikPinkPirate @ Etsy.

Terrifying My Little Drippy Penis/Pony temp tattoo
$20 by tattoojessica

Moustache/facial hair temp-tatts
$3.50 by PishPoshPaperworks

Myself, I'm all about wearing the story of a cat and dog in love. The partially engorged pony is more of a summer thing. Right now, I'm taking outfit inspiration from Dolce. I totally wore this look all day today.

Total pyjama-day chic. Veil not pictured.

I am so fashion right now.



KD said...

that pony tattoo is indeed scary. Versace is actually looking quite nice! Huh?!?!?1

Anonymous said...

I actually quite like Versace, mostly because I'm a sucker for a crazy and Donatella is crazy x12!

That horse tattoo is so terrifying!


Susie Bubble said...

The KVA tats were really cool!

Anonymous said...

Ok that remembers me when I take a photo of a dress that made by generic viagra...made it by empty bottles... and was horrible I have to say..
Thanks for sharing.