Monday, 13 May 2013

Shoes: Comfort soles for the soul!

Hi guys,
When it comes to weddings, parties, and anything that involves drinking cocktails, I am definitely a heel girl. But when it comes to everyday summer days I prefer foot comfort! Summer to me means picnics in the park, strolls along the beach, and walking everywhere: why drive when you can feel the sun on your shoulders?

With that in mind I want sandals that look good but are so comfortable that I'm not thinking about my feet whilst I'm enjoying the rare British summer. Enter my latest picks from Sarenza: these comfort sole 'soft sole' Clarks sandals with their stud detailing.  photo clarkssarenza1_zps5f46d4e4.jpg  photo clarkssarenza2_zps43ef33e0.jpg I always associate comfort sole shoes with old ladies on buses wearing pleated skirts and pulling shopping trolleys. But these aren't those shoes.

Yes, they're so comfortable you can walk in them forever without any rubbing or blisters. But they also look great: the on trend stud detailing is perfect with the black leather and metallic gold combo. And because of my obsession with gold jewellery they go with everything in my wardrobe, making them the perfect shoes!
 photo clarkssarenza3_zps2a808631.jpg  photo clarkssarenza4_zps6c99b9d1.jpg
Have you bought your new summer sandals yet? And have you gone for style, comfort, or a little bit of both?

Love Tor xx

*I am a Sarenza brand ambassador

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