Thursday, 9 May 2013

Celebrate Lost Sock Memorial day!

Hi guys,
Sometimes I get a press release that makes me laugh so much I just have to share. And this one from Happy Socks was one such press release: Apparently today (9th May) is Lost Sock Memorial Day!

"Lost Sock Memorial Day is always a sombre affair. Even though we shall always miss those lonely socks of ours that have mysteriously and sadly left our lives, there is still a light at the end of that sock shaped tunnel." This made me laugh because missing socks is a serious problem in our house. There isn't a morning that passes when Mike isn't stomping around the house asking where all his socks have gone. So much so that we have a print honouring the missing socks in our dining room:
 photo johan3.jpg
I got this picture by Johan Potma from Berlin when I was there the December before last. And I know that when it comes to the difficulty in finding that elusive sock to make a pair, I'm not alone!

Enter Happy Socks. Happy Socks are guaranteed to lift your mood. Available in packs of two and with designs this bold, they are also perfect to mix and match one pair with another, so never let your socks be lonely again. Shop the Happy Socks collection at as well as at ASOS, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Oi Polloi and selected stores worldwide. Sock ranges available for men, women and children. Prices from £8.  photo happysocks_zps2fdf65c4.png  photo happysocks2_zpsc20a3ad2.png
I like the idea of socks that look just as good mismatched as they do as part of a pair. And some of these designs are seriously funky. Admittedly I don't tend to wear socks at this time of the year (it's sandal time) but when Autumn rolls around again and I'm looking for cool socks to team with my boots, I'll definitely be checking out the Happy Socks website.

Will you be celebrating Lost Sock Memorial day? And what will you be doing? I think I'm going to go bare foot, and have a day off from the sock hunt!

Love Tor x

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