Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Happy Birthday......to me!

Hey hey,

Yesterday was a momentous day. I handed in my 5,000 words on Muriel Spark, and I reached the grand old age of 24- I am officially in my mid-twenties (and very aware that i'm faar too old to still be a student.) To celebrate this momentous occassion my sister came to stay for a few days, and joined a merry crew of party goers and karaoke stars!

My beautiful sister Amie-Dave. Her magic make-up is from Dior and I am infinitely jealous. Her dress was in the Topshop sale for just £5: bargain!

Obviously Miss Wigmore was there for the occassion, and not only did she look stunning, she also baked a cake: a hazelnut filled chocolate-nutella delight, which I am eating for breakfast as I type this very word. Yum! Becky wore the Christopher Kane for Topshop dress she pined over in this previous post but didn't think she could afford; it was reduced to £60 (£56 with student discount) and Becky grabbed at it the way I grab at chocolate cake: quickly and with much greed. Yum again. Teamed with black ballet pumps and Topshop bling (apparently there was a Topshop "thing" going on last night) little Miss Becky looked lovely:

I'm scared that Becky will kill me for not letting her photoshop this before I put it up but I think she looks awesome!

Bucking the Topshop trend, I opted for a Primark floral dress (£14) with a puffball type skirt: there are layers of tulle underneath which give the skirt all the volume. My earrings are topshop, my bracelet is from river island, and (because it was my birthday) I wore killer black wedges.I like to think I look like a curvier, slightly drunker version of a Luella model:
And as well as the drinking (see above) there was singing. Oh boy, was there singing!

We were singing Dolly Parton like we really meant it. Oh yes

With birthdays come fashiony gifts, and I received so many pretty things I just can't wait to show you all. But I'm pretty sure my active high is ebbing out fairly quickly, and I just dont have the energy to change out of my pajamas. I'm going back to bed to sleep and nurse this hangover.....

You know your drunk when you're taking pictures of yourself in the ladies

Lots of love,

Tor xx


Susie Bubble said...

Happy Birthday!
You BOTH look fantastic....
You DO look like that Luella model... except less contrived...
Becky: That dress looks ridiculously good on you...

WendyB said...

Happy birthday!

Queen Michelle said...

A big happy birthday from the Kingdom!
24 eh? - bless ya!

Adri said...

Happy Birthday!

24? So young! *sob*

Imelda Matt said...

Happy Birthday Tor...Now Imelda's not playing favorites (this dual blogging thing is hard to get a handle on) but Becky you look fierce!!!