Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Credit Crunch? What Credit Crunch?

I read in the mirror online this morning (yes, I am slightly ashamed to admit that I read the mirror) an article informing us all of their "fashion gurus" top 10 tips for staying fashionable during the credit crunch. They came up with the creative ideas of 1) 'discovering' ebay 20 swapping clothes with your sister 3) learning to sew. Oh yes, someone is getting paid to come up with this shit!

The tenth and final tip of course left me breathing a sigh of relief: "Pretend you are a student This season fashion actually gives a nod to Uni chic. Style yourself on Ali MacGraw in Love Story, with flares, preppy knits and polo tops, long hippy scarves and hats. Everyone will assume you are wearing Marc Jacobs, founder of grunge, who uses Ali as a constant source of inspiration. Scour second-hand shops for '70s/'80s vibe clothes to get the Grange Hill-look of the spring/summer 2008 catwalks (Luella Bartley's geeky specs and clashing prints). Or go Global Traveller-meets-gap student with ethnic scarves and dangly bits picked up at your local China Town. Remember, everyone is a student in the university of life."

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