Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Dick Van Dyke: Definite legend. Potential Style Icon?


Yet another random, slightly unfashiony blog from me: come back Becky, all is forgiven!! See, I love Dick Van Dyke. Diagnosis Murder is my favourite show on TV, and his happy little face always makes my day. Sometimes my sister and I chat about what life would be like if Dick Van Dyke were our uncle and we got to hang out at his house; maybe he'd tapdance for us, or let us help him solve crimes. And when we were in Florida we saw his jacket from Mary Poppins in a memorabillia shop for a mere $66,000. Which just goes to show how popular Dick Van Dyke (DVD) really is. When we asked mum if she would lend us the money to get it she said no. Which is a bit of a shame really; it could've been an investment for the future! After all some things, like DVD himself, can only get better with age! I'd never really thought about the joyous DVD in a fashion context though; until my sister and I saw this jacket in Topshop yesterday and she squealed (actually squealed) oh my God, that jacket would make us look just like Dick Van Dyke! This lead us to wonder about a whole host of DVD themed outfits; straw boaters for Mary Poppins, white jackets for diagnosis murder, the list goes on.

So here is the FabFrocks guide to staying 'on trend' and looking like Dick Van Dyke: all at the same time! (All the clothes are from topshop because it's the only biggish store in Norwich where I could find all the DVD-style stuff. Sorry for the TS overload lately)

1) Mary Poppins DVD

Could I look anymore like DVD? The stripey jacket, the stripey shirt, the white trousers...all I needed was a blue bowtie and a straw boater. Damn you topshop for not having all the appropriate DVD attire! Actually individually each piece would be lovely for the coming summer months (fingers crossed) but alltogether, I hate to admit there's a risk of looking a little costumey.....

2) Diagnosis Murder DVD

This is my personal favourite DVD look; a checked shirt under a simple white jacket teamed with jeans. I could wear this to work (I have a very casual job) or to uni safe in the knowledge that I was paying tribute to a living legend without looking at all costumey (which is a bit of a worry with the Mary Poppins DVD outfit, although i'd love to wear it everyday)

3)Night at the Museum DVD

This is a more utilitarian look (as DVD is actually dressed as a security guard) I opted for simple lines and stuck strictly to navy blue to make this look work. (as well as pulling my best tap dancy moves) It's a less popular DVD theme, and sooo unflattering on me that it's not funny, but I thought i'd throw it in because it's a good movie (obviously, as Dick is in it) and it's his latest role.

So there you have it; 3 simple looks that will have you tapdancing all the way down to your nearest highstreet. And when DVD decides to adopt me as his neice, i'll know just what to wear for the occassion!


Tor xx


Susie Bubble said...

How I want that jacket...

david1 said...

I love DVD more than life!! He is a legend!!

Imelda Matt said...

Hmmm...Tor I'm a bit sus on DVD, I get that pedo vide but I love the jacket so I AM willing to overlook it! But if I've read my waters correctly and he is a pedo then you got the scoop from me.

WendyB said...

Loves it!

WendyB said...

OMG! Just noticed Imelda's pedo comment. Loves that too!

bowerbird said...

the jacket! I love it!

heather said...

geez your blog is just so wonderful
who can hate dick van dyke?