Thursday, 1 May 2008

TV TV TV: Testing, beta, try-out etc.

Hello blogosphere,

Sorry for the delay in the near-daily blather. Me and Tor have been sick (it's all the kissing with tongues we do) and unable to voice our mealy mouthed opinions about stuff 'n' junk. Tor is overrun with deadlines and schoolwork but I, as ever, have no real life or hobbies to speak of, so you're stuck with the Wigmore solo this week and possibly next. As a kind-of experiment, I just ran up a very shit 2 minute video on my BRAND NEW MAC. Yes, you heard right. I have joined the San-Fran hippie-poseur creative professional elite wankerclub du jour. I'd like to say I use it primarily for my creative work but in truth, I mostly use the neato built-in camera to check my make-up and see how cute I look in sepia, infrared and 'cartoon effect'.

With that in mind, here's my very first video blog, concerning the best charity shop find I've had this year. It cost £7 from Cancer Research. It also stinks of pubs and ladysweat because I've worn it three times and Tor once so I actually had to fish it out of th laundry pile. Y'all should thank your lucky stars that Smell-o-vision didn't make it past the 1950s.

Here it is: slurry voice, ill-advised 'humour', Debbie Reynolds tribute opening and all:

Wow. I just--- wow. Next time I'll write a script. And sort out some lighting. And get a voice coach. And learn my angles. And try not to smell like three separate days of human fluid.

I'm still ill you know. That's my excuse. I've watched 3 straight series of The American Office in bed on my laptop. It is vastly superior to the UK The Office. That is my opinion and it is correct. I am also addicted to Mindy Kaling (Kelly from The Office (US))'s awesome and unusually profane shopping blog.
You should probably go and read her. Apparently being an American comedy writer with a shopping addiction is pretty sweet. If I were her, I'd spend all my time trying to marry Paul Lieberstein. The fact that she does not appear to do this makes me respect her a little less.

Oh, Toby. I would feel your pain and groin.

I recognise he is fictional however so the actor Paul Lieberstein will have to do. This is not so bad, especially as he was also a writer on "Clarissa Explains It All". Clarissa taught a pre-teen Becky that early 90s fashion could one day liberate her from her fat girl baggy t-shity 'n' jeans combo!

Not bad, right? They're selling that Keith Haring t-shirt shizzle at Uniqlo right now!

Both £12.99 here at

Lace, Doc Martens and hipster art -shirts? Screw Claudia Kishi - Clarissa Darling's the auger of mid 00's fashion truth!

Wow, for someone who purported not to want to write anything, I sure have blathered. In summary: TV = universally good, Me + TV = something other than universal good. But hey, online media is where the real writing money is, right?




Cate said...

the keith harring t-shirts are cool!

JuliAM said...

oh my god, clarissa darling! lol...she was definately one of my childhood fashion icons

Imelda Matt said...

Where does Imelda start??? I must say that your vblog resulted in some unsightly staining of my under garments (laughing soooo hard). In fact I was laughing so much BF (who was enjoying a casual Sunday ciggie on the balcony) came rushing in (not one to miss a good joke) to find out what all the (lo)comotion was about!

I WANT MORE...AND THEN SOME! I can't believe I've such a remise faux lezbot that it's taken me all week to get to you forgive me? Blame Fashion Week!

We need our own show 'Up late with Imelda and Becky' - like how I immediately snatch top billing? You could be the Kyrstal to my Alexis - again note how I muscle the good parts, you'll need to keep an eye on this!

I've told you I have thing for the English accent, it take's me back to my convict heritage, so voice coach isn't necessary nor is a script.

I can't wait for the next quote Kirsten Dunst 'Bring it On'