Thursday, 19 June 2014

My New Skincare Routine: In Love With Clarins

Hi guys,
I've always been blessed with having pretty youthful looks (in fact, most people would say I was 'baby faced'). But since I turned 30 I have become fairly obsessed with looking after my skin as much as possible, in order to ensure the ravages of time don't strike whilst I'm being distracted by something else! So when Clarins asked if I'd like to sample some of their products, I was genuinely delighted: more fuel to the fire of my new skin care addiction? Yes please! And I have to say, now that I've tried some of their products (particularly the Water Comfort Cleanser with Peach and the famous Beauty Flash Balm) I won't be using anything else!
 photo clinque1_zps3a105f4c.jpg
First up in the cleanser: this product smells incredible, which is an instant win. But it did so much more than that too. It also left my skin feeling fresh and smooth and incredibly soft. I actually look forward to cleansing my skin each morning and even the usually oblivious Mike has mentioned how soft my skin is. This softness is no doubt helped by the Beauty Flash Balm, which is the best moisturiser I have ever used (since I got it my usual Clinique Moisture Surge hasn't had a look in) It makes my skin look smoother, brighter, and it is an incredible base for wearing under make up.
 photo clarins2_zpsba2f408a.jpg
I am yet to try a Clarins skincare product I don't like. The Moisture Replenishing Lip balm is also another essential (replacing my Bert's Bees) and my lips really haven't ever been so soft. I suffer with really chapped lips, so this has been a revelation. The rose oil it contains also smells incredible, and when I'm wearing it I have to stop myself from smacking my lips together!  I also have to give a special mention to the summertime specific products which smell better than any other sun protection lotions I have tried, and don't leave my skin feeling oily at all. Can you tell that I'm completely smitten?

As an extra added bonus, it seems I've picked just the right time to write this post: The Clarins 30% off beauty sale has just started! Result!

Love Tor x

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