Saturday, 21 April 2012

Shoes: They call me mellow yellow!

Hi guys,
Although I'm still wearing a jacket (and most days, lets face it, a scarf) in my heart it's summer, so I decided to inject a little sunshine into my feet. Yes! Yellow shoes! Photobucket
These particular beauties are from a lovely little brand called Jonak (c/o Sarenza) Since I started shopping for shoes on Sarenza I've had a real soft spot for Jonak shoes, because I like what the brand represents: The brand is underpinned by the philosophy that all women should have access to high quality, contemporary products at supremely affordable prices. And that's exactly what they do: these little wooden and leather beauties were only £50!

Created by Joseph Nakam in 1964 in Paris, Jonak gradually evolved from being a multi-brand shoe distributor to becoming a fully-fledged design label in its own right. Jonak now offers urban styles for dynamic women in major international cities and they launch at least 400 new styles a season. That meant that when it came to choosing a pair I was very spoilt for choice!

But it was always going to be the yellow clogs for me. My third pair of clogs in 12 months, and I still say they're the comfiest way to wear sandals. Everything about these sunshine shoes make me happy, and they seem to make other people smile too. I teamed these with contrasting toe nails to add to the summery feel, but threw on my skinny jeans, a blouse, and a nice cozy jacket because no matter how warm I want it to be, it's still damn cold!!

Still, the yummy mellow yellow shoes are like a little promise to myself that summer will be along soon....

Love Tor xx

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Rai said...

What a pretty colour for shoes! And I love the contrast with your nail polish :)