Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Discover your holiday style!

Hi guys,
Easter weekend is nearly upon us (the perfect time for a long weekend away), the week after Easter Mike and I are heading to Disneyland Paris for three nights in the Disney Hotel New York and endless disney character fun, and last night we started brainstorming ideas for locations for our long summer holiday. I think it's fair to say that holiday season has officially begun!!

I love holidays and I really love the adventure of travel, but I am officially the worst suitcase packer ever! When I headed out to live in Beijing for a while my poor dad paid a small countries national debt in excess baggage for my luggage. And Mike bought me extra luggage allowance as a present before we even flew on our honeymoon. Travelling light is not in my vocabulary!

Now packing for the trip to Disneyland is easy: 4 Mickey Mouse T shirts and my comfiest pumps will probably do it! But packing for a long summer holiday is more problematic. Enter

Style Passport are celebrating their first birthday this month. And although i've only just discovered them (late to the table as usual!) I'm already slightly in love! The website offers you capsule wardrobe and beauty suggestions for different holiday options. SO for example I inputted that I was heading for a beach holiday and this is what it came up with:
You can then click to buy, shop, and explore more options. More useful than the shopping aspect though is just the knowing what to pack aspect! I'm going skiing in Scotland with my parents in the New Year, and i've never been skiing before. So I have no idea of the kind of things I'll need. Just two minutes on the ski pages though, and I had loads of ideas!
And if you haven't decided where to take your next holiday to, the site also includes recommendations, top tips, and destination ideas (as well as what to wear when you get there of course!) It's like the optimism of summer bottled up and created in website form!

I'm feeling inspired to trawl through my wardrobe and start packing some suitcases: starting, of course, which 4 matching his 'n' hers Mickey Mouse T shirts, and two pairs of comedy ears!

Love Tor xx


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