Thursday, 21 November 2013

Home: The hunt for the perfect desk!

Hi guys,
Despite the fact that we moved into our house back in April, it was only last weekend that we unpacked the final box! Unpacking those last boxes means that the 'box room' (also known as my office) is finally cleared and I am able to put the room together and start working in it: at the minute I'm working from a corner of our bedroom! Working for yourself requires piles of discipline (particularly when you're also trying to juggle looking after a demanding baby too) and I am so excited to get my office set up and finally be able to have my own dedicated work zone: and somewhere to put my mountain of filing too!
 photo aprileating_zpseac9bff5.png I have an office chair, shelving unit and even a lovely sofa in my office. But what I don't have is a desk. So right now that's my current obsession. I want something slightly unusual that will fit in with the quirky design of the room, but still usable and with plenty of room for all this paperwork. I really like this Z shaped desk from Furniture Plus Online, because of its unusual shape and its build in filing cabinet. The ultimate style I want from the room is relaxed and vintage inspired and something that feels really me. If I could end up with something that looked like either of these rooms I would be a really happy bunny:  photo officeidea2_zpsa0e03e7a.png
Do you have a home office? How have you decorated it? I'd love it if you could share links to your office inspiration: it's my current obsession! And of course, I'll be sharing the pictures with you as soon as I've finally finished mine!

Love Tor x

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Mr Furniture said...

Here's a couple links to my home office, which I've set up in my conservatory. I've used a large shelf unit as an ad hoc partition. I hide away here most evenings!
view 1
view 2