Monday, 5 November 2007

Winter Warmers.........

With Christmas fast approaching (I know I keep saying it but it's true) and Bonfire night upon us, it's time to find that perfect 'i'm all snug and warm but still look amazing' coat. You know the one: warm, practical, flattering, fashion focused, and impossible to find! This season everyone is talking about bright colours, volume, and military details. With that in mind, i've scoured the highstreet and here's my pick of 3 of the best winter coats

1) Bubble hem coat. River Island. £69.99
2) Tangerine Puffsleeve trapeze coat. Oasis. £90.0
3) Frilly trenchcoat. Topshop. £150.00

STYLE TIPS: Curver ladies should aviod the bubble hem as this trendy look is only really suitable for skinny minnie's. It would look great teamed with a teadress and opaque tights. The orange trapeze coat is perfect for the more statueque, and would look stunning teamed with skinny jeans and heeled shoe boots. The frilly trench is by far my favourite of the 3. It would look great on any figure, and is very Vivienne Westwood-esque in it's stylish attention to detail.

But hey, don't just listen to me though. When i went out to buy my winter coat I ignored all my own advice and came home with this monstrousity instead:

And you know what? I love it! And when it comes to finding the style that suits you (be it shoe, coat, or dress) that's all that matter!

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