Tuesday, 27 November 2007

One special thing

Hello. I am called Becky and I am the new contributor to this here e-lectronic fashion publication. Before we hit the main theme of this post,here are three pictures to approximate how I roll fashion-wise. It's best we're up front, you and I.

I chose these photos for a reason, internet friend. Not only does my hair look awesome in each but these images illustrate a dearly held fashion-related belief: the theory of the one special thing. Left to right: the pirate hook belt, the peacock feather and the turban.

When I was in my late teens, I realised suddenly that I wasn't in fact Chloe Sevigny. The flaxen hair, the groovy innate style, the Dolce connections....nope, nope and decidely nope.

Damn her black American heart. However, if you download and file 'the Sev' (I call her 'the Sev) as carefully as I do, you start to notice that when she styles herself (this is crucial - because magazine stylists tend to PILE shit on her) she adheres to the 'one special thing' rule. She always has one glorious and surprising detail that lifts the heart of fashion nerds everywhere. This is a fashion imperative we can all follow. The outfit above is made by the slightly dowdy nude bra contrasted with the floozy sexiness of the sheer blue blouse. Frowsy gold.

The scorpion belt. The scorpion belt. The scorpion belt. The outfit is gold by itself but injecting a decorative arthropod into the mix is the little touch of genius. The one special thing rule is so easy to follow and is easy to fit into the most mind-numbing of daily routines. Of course the internet makes sourcing said special incredibly easy. Here are some of my suggestions of accessories that lift the soul:

A bright vintage cape (from ebay.co.uk)

An angora turban
(£15 from Topshop)

Insects lodged in spheres of glass
(J. W. Andersen S/S 08, price on application, boyo.

Radiolaria bracelet/necklace from

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