Monday, 5 November 2007

The Unsexiest Woman Alive??

Are these people crazy??

Sarah Jessica Parker has recently been voted the unsexiest women alive in an online poll. Obviously polls like this are downright ridiculous in the first place, but how horrible it must feel to have to wake up in the morning and read something like that! I find it hard enough to get dressed and feel slim(ish) pretty(enough) and ready to face the world without that kind of condemnation; God knows how she got out of bed this morning!

Sarah Jessica Parker might not be blonde and busty with a button nose and a perma-tan, but not looking like Jessica Simpson doesn't make you unsexy. SJP is unconventionally beautiful (which is much better than merely pretty), stupidly stylish and a sucessful independant mother and multi-millionairess. And you know what? If she managed to achieve all that without conforming to a stupid surveys idea of what "sexy" is, then that makes her an even more amazing role model as far as i'm concerned.

God bless SJP! May she always stay the same!

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