Friday, 30 November 2007

Quantum Physics and Fashion = Super fun!


Any religion that gets you to pony up thirteen quid for string is going to attract celebrities. They love ancient spirituality and they love accessories. Rabbi Solomon ibn Gabirol (1021 - 1058) knew it was win-win and so do Zac Posen, Jill Stuart and Calvin Klein. Y'see, Scientology has tired of Lohan, Spears and their ilk and they're coming for our children. To this end, Posen, Stuart and Klien have authorised their creations to be worn in "Seven," an awesome neato-keen Scientologist comic! You know - for kids!

New York Magazine reports that "headband wearing socialite" Denise Wohl (jeepers, there's a epithet to treasure, huh?) noticed “There’s nothing [in the Kabbalah book market]for the most important age group of all: 7-to-17-year-olds,” A onetime letterer at Marvel Comics, Wohl enlisted former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter to create a series about seven characters, one from each continent, who are mysteriously brought together in Manhattan because they share a higher consciousness—“They use more brainpower than the rest of us,” Wohl explains—and have mastered quantum physics, astrophysics and fashion.

Ah, to be young, multi-ethnic and with Kabbalistic superpowers. The girl in the peachy dress is reportedly based on Leelee Sobieski. Her power is to give all the other girls in the team porno breasts and lesbian haircuts.

Take note: Our Lord Madonna decrees that this spring we'll be saving the world in earth tones!
Jumping Jehozafat!

Calvin Klein (S/S 08)

Zac Posen (S/S 08)

Jill Stuart (S/S 08)

Wow, I feel dirty. Perez Hilton dirty.

It feels good.

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