Tuesday, 8 July 2008

We've been Goked!

Hey readers,

I love Gok Wan (like the majority of the TV watching female public) But it seems that lately, where ever you go, a picture of Gok Wan is never more than a heartbeat away! The presenter of 'How to look good naked' has been popular with the ladies since the very first series of the show. But now he's everywhere! He's totally saturated the fashion market!

How to look good naked (A show I really loved 90% of the time) has been replaced with Gok's fashion fix: A show I enjoy in spite of myself and its inaccurate mission statement. I even went to New Look on Friday to look for a dress i'd seen on the show on Thursday night (sadly, I couldn't find it). What I love about Gok is that unlike Trinny and Susannah and NHJ (God I hate her, and who thought it was a good idea to contract her name?) he actually seems to like women: he makes them look good by building their confidence, not humiliating them.
But i'm beginning to wonder if Gok has gone too far. Gok has been on every single chat show, he even had the honour of presenting the Friday Night Project. You can buy underwear endorsed by Gok on simplyyours.co.uk, he has his own fashion tip section and endorses certain products for Dorothy Perkins, and I just heard on the olde telebox that this week he has been given his own column in Look magazine. All good for Goks bank balance. But is it good for us? How many of his endorsements are genuine? And how much Gok is too much Gok?
Call me cynical, but my love (and it is a genuine love) of the Gokster declined dramatically when I saw the tripe they were putting his name on in the Norwich branch of Dorothy Perkins. He let them do that! Gok is a super stylist: he knows that polyester doesn't look good on anyone. So why is his grinning face hanging to the hangers of this stuff? Dear God why?!
I'm heading out to buy my weekly Look fix this afternoon. I just hope this column avoids the "if your boyish wear this, if your curvey wear this" cliches and brings something new to the table.
Or my remaining strands of respect for the man who "brought fashion to British women" will be gone. All gone.
Tor xx


Susie Bubble said...

I do admittedly like what Gok does....he still annoys me a little though....

Frank said...

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