Wednesday, 2 July 2008

R is for Roasting...

....As in hot hot hot!!!

According to those reliable folks at the BBC weather centre, today has been the hottest day of the year so far. And once i'd finally escaped the office that meant hours of wandering around the city centre in the sun sucking on a mint magnum and hunting for the perfect red bikini top. It seemed like the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon. However that red top was not to be found!

A fortnight ago I went to visit my sister in southampton with my parents, and we decided to do a spot of discount outlet shopping while we were there (and why not!) Pickings were slim apart from a lovely mustard shift dress from next of all places (!?) until we went into oasis and I found these:

Because what everyone wants to see right now is grainy shots of my lumpy bum and my appalingly untidy room.....

These Odille bikini bottoms were reduced from £26 each to just £1 a pair! A bargainalicious bargain I thought to myself as I snapped them up. The tops didn't come in cupped sizes and as I can't wear a standard sized top I decided to leave them on the shelf. However with the red polka dots and the red ditsy flowers I figured a plain red top would be perfect for both bottoms and be mix and match-able for my summer holiday. But now the last laugh is on me: I can't find a "fuller bust" (I hate that phrase!) red bikini top anywhere- even my old swimwear faithful Marks and Spencers has let me down! (Although I do almost quite like this design from their new DD+ collection, which consists of only 4 designs in my size. Sigh!):

As Roy Walker would say to Mr Chips, its good but its not the one. If anyone has any ideas on where i'll find the top I crave they are gratefully recieved. Otherwise i'm throwing caution to the wind and my £2 investment down the drain and splurging on this bad boy from bravissimo that comes in at just over £50 instead:

This seasons swimwear trends of bright colours, cut outs and one pieces are not for me (too eye catching, too figure revealing, and really unflattering, in that order) but looking like a 1950s bathing beauty/potential beach goddess? That I think i'm prepared to have a go at!

Lots of love,

Tor x


OneMove said...

Tor you have a lovely bottom! x

Lolita said...

I love this blk/wht one soooooo classic!