Monday, 16 June 2008

Virtual Shopping (In every respect)


It's been more than a month since my last post, and yet again i've left poor Becky to pick up the slack. I can't even pretend that it's because i've been working especially hard. I've been 'working' on my thesis for 4 weeks now: total word count to date? Zero. In my defence, I have been reading. But i'm not sure I can hand a book list in at the end of all this and hope it will carry me through....

Anyway, believe it or not, it isn't actually whinging about my thesis that has led me by my nose back to the blog, but a newsletter email that landed in my inbox this morning. have joined forces with the London College of Fashion again to bring 100 one-off pieces from final year students to sell on the site. I saw the pictures of the LTD100 collection in thelondonpaper on Thursday, and I was suitably impressed. When I was reminded this morning that the collection went on sale at 1pm today I headed straight over to start a fictional shopping list.

Now the first downside is that, regardless of my dire dire financial situation, this list would have to be fictional: when you click through to see what offerings they had produced in a size 14 you are taken to the menswear section. Hmm, vaguely insulting and unhelpful. My favourite!! The only thing I could've bought and made use of is this lovely doctors style handbag by Ursula Inglis-Jones: I love the gathering detail and the muted colours, but even if I had the scratch, I don't think i'd splash out £200 for it.

"I'm staring into the future and it doesn't look good. But at least my handbag does."

Now lets confuse the virtual nature of this daydream a tiny bit more and imagine I wear a size 8 for the rest of this post. (it's the only way I can possibly contemplate wearing all of these teeny tiny clothes!) If that were true, these are the pieces I would've chosen from the rest of the collection:
In this picture this dress by Preena Patel looks pretty; sheer and flowing and pink. But not mind-blowing. Until, that is, you see the detail on the collar and bust:

Origami paper-folding heaven! Like a thousand tiny fancy napkins all over your chest! The other item that would be welcome to jump straight into my wardrobe are these high-waisted floral trousers by Sandra Rojo:

I'm not usually the kind of girl to get excited about trousers (unless they're jeans, I don't own any and I just don't wear them) but I just fell in love with these. I love the way the density of the flowers and intensity of the colours graduates down the legs.
So there you have it: if I cut myself in half and times the money I currently have in my bank account by ten then that's how I would've spent my day and the funds. A girl can daydream....
Tor x

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Susie Bubble said...

Oh god.... I completely missed out on this... gonna post about it...but tis a shame they didn't cater to different sizes...