Saturday, 15 March 2008

To Illustrate = Super Great

Hello blogosphere,

One of the lovely things about becoming enmeshed in the world of blogging is that you get in contact with a million people across the globe who are literally so talented it makes you (in the words of Zadie Smith) "want to pee yourself a bit in jealousy". There are the beautiful idiosyncratic stylists (Susie of Style Bubble, LiebeMarlene, Fabi, the Queens), the busty and hilarious 1930s wisecrackers (Winona of Daddy Likey, Wendy Brandes) and the artists.

Today class, we're looking at art. This is mostly because yesterday I received the link to my very own illustrated self.

From this:

Snapshot of me on the train going to see the Barenaked Ladies in Cambridge, dressed in my H&M chiffon cape top and vintage coat.

To this:

Yes friends, I have bears in my hair. Bears are the only accessory I'll accept now. I do so love Susie's head-bird but for me, tiny living ursidae crawling on my head, kickin' back and catchin' salmon, this is where I'm at, fashion-wise.

This is all the work of illustrator Damien Weighill and his awesome blog "Your Face". The premise is this: if you are a real live person, send him your face and he will draw you a real live picture. Damien is a fine fellow- I like his simple lines and scary animals. He also writes very nice e-mails. To thie end, I encourage you to check out his attractive merchandise:

Queen with a moustache. Can't say fairer then that for £22.
Buy buy buy here

You (yes you) can even appear on homeware items if you so choose.

The poor Queen. She shaves her moustache and gets mauled by a lion. Makes you think.
Screenprint (signed): £25 here

Awesome. I think this is the only time I've been even remotely muse-like. And I think it's the only time I ever will. My muse for the day? Miss Moneypenny's 80s blouses in the irredeemably shitty "Never Say Never Again" which was showing this afternoon on ITV1.

From this:

To this:

Bow Blouse and Starsky&Hutch cardigan from Oxfam. Wide leg trousers from Topshop.

Yuh. I don't think David Downton's gonna be calling anytime soon. Nor Sean Connery for that matter. Still, I don't mind. I have my tea, I have my bears. I'm pretty happy.

I hope you are too.

Your pal,


WendyB said...

You look good with bears on you. Thanks for the kind mention! Since Winona and I are often mentioned together, I think she and I should have a scandalous affair, don't you?

Imelda Matt said...

I love the bears in your hair, I’m going to keep the favour local and request a kangroo and a Holden ute!

Imelda Matt

daddylikeyblog said...

Aawww, thanks babe! Wendy and I have tried to start a scandalous affair multiple times but we couldn't stop laughing long enough to get down to business. It's sad, really. Also, you totally rock the hair bears!