Friday, 25 April 2014

Accessories: A Bag on a Bag!

Hi guys,
I love leather accessories. In fact, if it's not made of soft, supple delicious-smelling leather then I'm just not interested. Pleather doesn't have the same texture or appeal and I've never really been a fan of cotton totes or purses; they seem cheap to me somehow. With our first 2014 holiday less than two weeks away though, I knew that I couldn't carry an expensive leather bag on the beach and something lightweight, malleable and (gulp) constructed in washable fabric was going to be the order of the day. Enter my new Ciryiel bag from David Jones!
 photo beachbag1_zps0c018582.jpg
 photo beachbag2_zps571a0925.jpg
 photo beachbag3_zps109f36f6.jpg
I know it's been done by other designers before, but I really loved the tongue in check touch of this lightweight cotton beach bag having a print of the lovely leather snakeskin bag I'd much rather be carrying on it! I chose my version in this shade of orangey red, but the bag also comes in blue, green, beige and a metallic silver.

The straps are long enough that I can carry it over my shoulder, making it easy to tote around the pool or beach. It's fully lined in a thick black material and it has a zippable pocket inside and although it doesn't look it, this bag is big! There's plenty of room for my sun lotion, a towel, book, drink and (in my case) a spare nappy and some wet wipes too. I wasn't expecting to be that impressed by this bag but actually, I really am. And I think it's a snip at just £27.99.

What kind of bag do you carry when you're on the beach? Any suggestions for other great bag styles or brands to look at?

Love Tor x

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